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Mèlangeva Inc is a Management Consulting & Business Solutions firm committed to servicing clients with exceptional business solutions. We help our clients solve business problems and realize opportunities through Information Technology and Management Consultancy. We are committed to on-time/cost effective solution delivery with quality excellence. Our services currently include Business Process Optimization, Software Product/Mobile applications/Service Delivery, Program, Project & Portfolio Management. We're fast expanding into other important realms where client business needs exist.


  •  Process optimization solutions for organizations, functional departments or teams (domain agnostic)

  •  Identify problems/issues root cause, roles & responsibilities and provide solutions to streamline processes and increase overall productivity

  •  Provide Solutions that don’t involve external tools or software and can be utilized, modified and improvised by the organizations without external help

  •  Provide business analysis and management process handling activities and training

  •  Identify opportunities to automate processes, suggest tools to use and provide continuous support and maintenance as needed

  •  Ensure reliable, self sufficient and effective optimization process solutions and regular follow up sessions

Core Strengths



Business Process Modeling (BPMN), workflow analysis, process optimization


Business Strategy, Program & Project Management, Portfolio Analysis

Organization focus, Six Sigma, Global orientation, value to client

Agile SCRUM, Iterative (RUP) SDLC Methodologies